iphone repairs Galway
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iphone repairs Galway

iphone repairs Galway Print out and fill in either of the forms below. They are the same form just in different formats. If you don't have a printer, please include a note with your contact details, email address, tel number and description of fault.


iphone repairs Galway Make sure your device has some battery life and then switch it off, You don't want it chirping its way across the country. Now wrap the device with some cardboard to protect the front screen. A Bubble wrap envelope or small cardboard box is ideal.
iPads should be packed in their original boxes if you have them. Please do not include chargers or ear plugs, just send the device itself.
Don't forget to include the form form above!.

iphone repairs Galway Post the packet out to Address on the form,

David Clift
iPod Rescue
19, Ashleigh Grove

For peace of mind, please send it via registered mail and insured.

iphone repairs Galway Wait a day and you'll get an email from us acknowledging receipt of your device and any diagnostics we have run. We will confirm any faults and inform you of the neccessary repairs required before proceeding. Once the repair has been completed, you will receive an email with a link to a PayPal invoice where you can complete the service.
your device will be in the next registered mail back to you following confirmation of payment.

iphone repairs Galway Once repaired we return all devices via An Post registered and insured mail.

Postage is applied to the final invoices as per below

IPods = 8.00

iPhones = 8.00

iPads = 14.00

iphone repairs Galway
Check List

iphone repairs Galway  Device charged and switched off
iphone repairs Galway  Form Included
iphone repairs Galway  No chargers or cases etc
iphone repairs Galway  Correct postal address

iphone repairs Galway