iphone repairs Galway FAQ iphone repairs Galway

Q1 Where should I post my faulty iPod?
A1 David Clift
iPod Rescue
19, Ashleigh Grove
087 1549 136

Q1 Where exactly are you in Galway?
A1 Salthill side of town, heading towards Barna and up the Ballymoneen road past the Knocknacarra church. Or, coming from Westside, past the Clybaun Hotel to the next roundabout and turn left. Please Click the Walk In link at the bottom of the page for directions

Q1 Can I drop my device off to you and save on postage?
A1 Yes, You can drop it off in the evenings between 5pm and 8pm or you can call and arrange to drop it off at weekends if preferred. You can usually collect your device an hour later

Q1 Will your repair void my Apple warranty?
A1 Unfortunately if anyone other than Apple opens your device then your warranty will be void. If you still have a valid warranty we recommended using Apple to get it repaired for free. Apple warranty will not cover water damage, broken screens or drop damage.

Q1 Should I backup my data before I send in my device?
A1 It is always a good idea to backup your data regularly anyway. 99% of the time your data will be unaffected by any repairs we do but for peace of mind you should indeed back it up before sending it in for repair.

Q1 Should I include all the accessories when shipping in my device. earplugs, chargers etc?
A1 No, please do not send anything in except the device itself. We have all the neccessary chargers etc to fully test your device and returning chargers and cases unneccessarily adds to the return postage cost.

Q1 Do you repair all Apple devices?
A1 Only iPods, iPhones, iPads, but unfortunately some devices are so old that the repair cost would outweigh the cost of replacing the device. This is particularly relevant to the Nano models, 1,2,3,4,5. We do not repair Apple computers

Q1 Which payment methods do you accept?
A1 We accept all major credit cards in all major currencies through Paypal only. We do not have the facilities to accept Credit Card payments via telephone or at the door. Payment for walk-in services is preferred in cash.

If you feel you have to send cash, then please do so in Euro and via registered mail and advise us in advance.

Q1 What shipping fees do you apply?
A1 We return all devices via An Post registered and insured mail.

IPods = 8.00

iPhones = 8.00

iPads = 14.00

Q1 I do not have a credit card, can you still fix my device?
A1 Please contact us via email for an alternative options of payment.

Q1 Will you share my personal details with any other 3rd party?
A1 Absolutely not, Nor will you receive annoying spam from us. We use your information solely for identifying to whom which device belongs.

Q1 Will you respect my privacy and not look through all my photos, messages etc?
A1 Absolutely, we have no interest in wading through 100's of photos of dogs and babies.

Q1 What do you do with all the broken parts you replace from my device?
A1 We do not return faulty items unless requested, this increases the return shipping fee above our set amount. We recycle all our scrap in a responsible manner

Q1 How long, from you receiving my device, to me receiving it back and fixed should I expect to wait?
A1 As soon as we have it here, we will diagnose it and email you a quote for the repair, we will also estimate the repair time. If we do not have a spare part in stock we would have to order it in and that might add a few days to the repair. If you accept the quote then we go ahead with the repair and forward you the agreed invoice after we have tested the device is healthy again. We will never carry out work that is not approved by you in advance. Once we confirm payment, we post out the device via registered mail and it is usually with you within 3 working days in R.O.I or 5-7 days abroad. So if you mail it in on a Monday, you could feasibly have it back before the weekend

Q1 Do you guarantee your repairs and products?
A1 If we repair a device and it is still displaying the same symptoms when you receive it back, we will repair it for free the second time. We will replace any defective item if it fails before 30 days. We record serial numbers of hard drives etc to avoid any confusion with products. Please contact us in advance of returning an item or faulty product

Q1 How should I pack my device for shipping?
A1 Firstly make sure it is charged and switched off, the last thing you want is your device chirping it's way across the country. If it is charged then we can get straight on with the repairs and it saves time.
You can wrap some cardboard around the device and tape it up to protect the screen against bumps and bangs.

We recommend a small parcel box you can get at the post office or similar. Remember to include your details before sealing it up and most important of all: Send it by registered mail

Q1 I didn't find the answer to my question above, where to now?
A1 Please do call us on 087 1549 136 or send us an Email via the Contact Link and we'll be glad to answer any queries you may still have.

iphone repairs Galway
iphone repairs Galway
iphone repairs Galway